A landmark in the heart of the city of Durg Indira Market.
The sweets are made keeping in mind our diabetic, calorie conscious and weight watching customers. However that by no means makes our other sweets fattening or harmful. All our SWEETS ARE PREPARED IN PURE GHEE ONLY.
It should be noted that long ago in Ayurveda and now scientifically it has been proved that pure ghee of some amount is needed in the human body to absorb certain vital vitamins. Scientifically Trans fatty acids that are found in Vanaspati ghee or hydrogenated oil or Dalda in common manís words are harmful and carcigenious, the reason it being banned in many countries.
Many of our customers also belong to 3rd generation and it warms our hearts when customers come and tell us that their grandparents used to buy sweets form us and they accompanied them then as kids. The customers come from faraway places like Raipur, Bilaspur and even Delhi, Mumbai, Pune in spite of the fact that there are plenty of sweet shops in between and that speaks for our quality and service.

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